New Entry

1/10/20241 min read

Hi there, I'm Ali a author located in NE Pennsylvania. Think about the TV show the office and well that's where I am from.

I wasn't always a author. I have always had a passion for writing. I grew up reading. I still read, and am transitioning my career from a corporate cog to a author, blogger, and book reviewer, and editor. I grew up in a time where Books were our entertainment. There was no internet, video games for kids like me. So I escaped into the world of fantasy with books like the Vampire Diaries.

And here I am now writing the Otherworld Series about Leigha. I started the series long ago. And wrote in my limited spare time between working and raising a family. Now to finally have the book published is a dream com true.

I hope you the reader enjoys the characters as much as I do. Thanks for reading.